HC Deb 12 February 1875 vol 222 cc303-4

, in reference to an Answer given by the Chancellor of the Exchequer earlier in the evening, appealed to the right hon. Gentleman not to persevere in taking the second reading of the Friendly Societies Bill on Monday. From all that he had heard he felt quite certain that it would be extremely inconvenient if the right hon. Gentleman persisted in that determination. The Bill was one of very considerable complexity, as it dealt with a very difficult subject, and the complexity was still further increased by there being three different matters to deal with—the Report of the Royal Commission, the Bill of last year, and the Bill of this year. He was informed by hon. Members that it was quite impossible that the matter could be satisfactorily discussed—for the Bill was a subject which must be discussed on the second reading, and the debate must be important—on Monday evening. He would therefore ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he would not think it much more for the convenience of Members to postpone the second reading until some future day?


observed, that the previous Question which had been put to him placed the matter upon this footing—that if the second reading were taken on Monday there would not be sufficient time to allow of the provisions of the Bill being read and considered in the country. Now, the persons who were particularly interested in the question had been considering the matter all the Recess, and they had had frequent communications upon the subject with the Government. He therefore thought that it was not at all necessary on their account that there should be further delay. But the noble Marquess had put the matter on a different ground when he spoke of the inconvenience to Members of the House. He need not say that he and his Colleagues were anxious, in every possible way, to consult the convenience of the Members of the House; and therefore, feeling that this subject was one which ought not to be dealt with or passed over in a hurry, the second reading would be postponed. He hoped, however, that no long delay would be desired, and that if a day somewhat later than Monday were fixed hon. Members would then be prepared to discuss the matter. The second reading would, therefore, not be taken on Monday; but on that day he would state when they would propose that it should be brought on.

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.

Committee deferred till Monday next.