HC Deb 11 August 1875 vol 226 c869

asked the Secretary of the Admiralty, If he could give any further information relative to H.M.S. "Jackal?"


said, that the officer in command of the Jackal had reported, in reference to the allegation that he had failed to render assistance to fishermen off the Scotch Coast when they were in peril on Friday, 30th July, that after watching the weather he was of opinion there was no immediate reason for apprehension for the safety of the fishing boats in question, and that he believed the application for assistance was made to him by the fish-curers more with the view of getting the fish speedily conveyed to the shore than of their requiring aid. He therefore saw no occasion for it, and did not consider them good authorities on the subject. The Jackal was lying in the part of the harbour which was assigned to her by the authorities of the harbour.

House adjourned at a quarter before Five o'clock till Friday.