HC Deb 09 August 1875 vol 226 c773

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, To add, if unobjectionable, to the Civil Service Estimates of 1876–77 the expenditure of 1874–5; also the items of expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund for any branch of the Public Service included in the Civil Service Estimates, so as to show the total charge for each branch under suitable heads; also the Minutes of the Treasury, naming the officers, to account for the expenditure of the several Votes, and the names and offices of these accounting officers and their responsibilities; also, to fill up, whenever necessary, the numbers receiving public money in addition to the rank or office, and in all cases of pensions, compensations, &c. to show age of party, length of service, as well as why granted?


, in reply, said, it would cause delay to add to the Civil Service Estimates of 1876–7 the expenditure of the previous year, which was shown in the Appropriation accounts. If the hon. and gallant Gentleman would point out any omission in the Estimates, he should be happy to have it supplied.