HC Deb 05 August 1875 vol 226 cc553-4

SUPPLY—considered in CommitteeResolutions [August 4] reported.

WAYS AND MEANS—considered in CommitteeResolution [August 4] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—OrderedFirst Reading—Consolidated Fund (Appropriation)*.

Second Reading—Restriction on Penal Actions and Remission of Penalties* [267]; Department of Science and Art* [283]; Foreign Jurisdiction [284], debate adjourned.

CommitteeReport—Agricultural Holdings (England)* [277]; Supreme Court of Judicature Act (1873) Amendment (No. 2)* [162]; Copyright of Designs* [270]; National School Teachers Residences (Ireland)* [279].

Considered as amended—Unseaworthy Ships [281]; Agricultural Holdings (England) (re-comm.) [277]; Ecclesiastical Fees Redistribution* [282].

Considered as amendedThird Reading—Copyright of Designs (re-comm.)* [270]; Public Works Loans* [269], and passed.

Withdrawn—Post Office (Superannuation and Gratuities)* [245]; Metropolis Gas Companies (re-comm.)* [224].