HC Deb 03 August 1875 vol 226 c446

asked Mr. Solicitor General, Whether his attention has been directed to the proceedings before the Master of the Rolls on Thursday the 29th July 1875, at the Rolls Court, Chancery Lane, London, in a suit of May v. O'Neill, on an application by motion to restrain the defendant from practising his profession of attorney and solicitor in London and Middlesex, and to the observations of the Master of the Rolls in that case?


, in reply, said, his attention had been directed by Mr. O'Neill himself to the subject, by sending him a newspaper containing a report of the observations made by the Master of the Rolls. It appeared the Master of the Rolls inquired, in hearing the case of May v. O'Neill, if the defendant was an Irishman; but why he made that inquiry he (the Solicitor General) could not tell. The Master of the Rolls was of opinion Mr. O'Neill had no case, and as far as he (the Solicitor General) could ascertain the facts, he entirely concurred with him.

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