HC Deb 29 April 1875 vol 223 c1825

said, he wished to preface the Question of which he had given Notice by two observations—first, that the subject excited a great deal of interest throughout the country; and, next, that he had been delayed in proceeding with his Bill by the non-production of Papers containing information from Foreign Countries. He would now ask the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether, considering the state of the Order Book, he will consent to the appointment of a Morning Sitting for the consideration of the Monastic and Conventual Institutions Bill?


Sir, it is always very agreeable to me to assist my hon. Friend in bringing forward any business he may have on the Paper; but at the present moment it is not possible for me to offer him a day for a Morning Sitting. I am, on the contrary, meditating asking the House myself for a Morning Sitting to-morrow, and even with that sacrifice of the convenience of hon. Members, I am afraid they must consent to a further sacrifice in the curtailment of their holidays in consequence of the progress—or, rather, want of progress—of public Business. Therefore, at present it is not in my power to make the arrangement that my hon. Friend asks for.


At a later period of the Session I will renew my Question.