HC Deb 27 April 1875 vol 223 c1692

said, he wished to make a suggestion to the Prime Minister on the subject of Public Business. All those who were in the habit of coming down to Prayers would confirm him when he said that from 4 o'clock until half-past there was no Private Business, and half an hour was therefore lost. He would therefore ask the Prime Minister, Whether he might not make an arrangement, with the universal assent of the House, whereby Public Business might commence a quarter of an hour earlier?


Sir, so far as the Government are concerned, it would be for their convenience to meet at the earliest time for Business. I should therefore be happy to avail myself of the suggestion of the right hon. Gentleman if it should meet with the general concurrence of the House. I should always wish to trench as little as possible upon the privileges of private Members; but if, as I may infer, the arrangement meets with, I will not say unanimous, but with general assent, I will, with your permission, Sir, propose that the House shall meet for Public Business in future at a quarter-past, instead of half-past 4.