HC Deb 19 April 1875 vol 223 cc1215-6

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether a shelter cannot be provided for cabs and carriages in Palace Yard or immediate neighbourhood, seeing the inconvenience of want of cabs in inclement weather on the occasions of the late sittings of the House?


in reply, said, that he was far from depreciating the amount of inconvenience suffered by hon. Members from the cause in question; but it was not in his power, neither did he think any Member of the Government had the power, to compel the attendance of the necessary number of vehicles. He had considered the suggestion to erect a covered way in Parliament Square; but it would be costly, and would not accommodate more than 15 or 20 vehicles—a very inadequate number—and further, with a regard to the square from an architectural point of view, such a shed would not be an ornamental structure. He had, therefore, turned his attention to the possibility of securing some of those popular "shelters" for cabmen which might be erected in the immediate neighbourhood, which would protect drivers in inclement weather, and allow the cabs to be within easy reach of hon. Members.