HC Deb 16 April 1875 vol 223 cc1108-9

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether the Surveyor to the Office of Works, in addition to his salary, is allowed a commission on all purchases of land made for the Department; whether he is also allowed to take private business; and, whether, if he transfers any of his work for the Department to his partner, that gentleman is paid for doing it?


Sir, the position and emoluments of the Surveyor of Works were laid down and determined in a Treasury Letter dated March 18, 1869. The gentleman in question attends at the office once a-week, and whenever the First Commissioner requires his attendance, and he receives a commission on whatever purchase of land he may make for the Government. Being a member of a private firm, it is of course understood he takes part in the business of that firm. With regard to the last part of the Question of the hon. Gentleman, whether he transfers work for the Department to his partner, who is paid for it, I have to say that I believe such a thing is impossible, unless it is done with the knowledge of the First Commissioner and the sanction of the Treasury.