HC Deb 15 April 1875 vol 223 cc971-2

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether he can state to the House the effect of the Education Act of 1870 on voluntary schools, in the following respects: 1. The attendance of scholars; 2. The fees of scholars; 3. The amount of the voluntary contributions; 4. The Government grants?


In reply to the Question of the hon. Gentleman it will, of course, be understood that the only answer I can give will be respecting those voluntary schools which receive a Government grant. Respecting the numerous voluntary schools which do not receive a Government grant, I am not able to give the information required. 1. In 1870 the average attendance in all public elementary schools, which were then all voluntary, was 1,226,034, of which 1,152,389 was in day schools. In 1874 the average attendance involuntary public elementary schools alone was 1,585,372, of which 1,540,466 was in day schools. 2. The fees paid in 1870 in day and in night schools were £502,022, or 8s. 8d. per head on the average attendance. In 1874 the fees amounted to £762,184, or 9s. 10d. per head. 3. The voluntary subscriptions to day and night schools in 1870 amounted to £418,839, or to 7s. 3d. per head on the average attendance. In 1874 they amounted to £601,172, or to 7s. 9d. per head. 4. In 1870, before the new Code came into operation, the Government grant to day schools was £562,611, or 9s. 9d. per head on the average attendance. In 1874 the day voluntary schools received under the new Code £956,347, or 12s. 5d. per head. The grant to night schools in 1870 was £24,879, or 6s. 9d. per head. In 1874 it was£17, 178, or 7s. 6d. per head. In addition to the Question put on the Paper by the hon. Gentleman, I may add that the night schools in 1870 were 24,000, and in 1874, 17,000.