HC Deb 09 April 1875 vol 223 c603

asked the Lord Advocate, Whether it is his intention during the present Session to take any steps to amend "The Education (Scotland) Act, 1872," with the view of rendering more clear the meaning of its clauses, and there by putting a stop to the litigation which is so general, and which is interrupting the harmony between School Boards and schoolmasters?


Sir, several applications have been made for the purpose of obtaining amendment of the Education (Scotland) Act, 1872. I have submitted these to the Government, and the communication which I am authorized to make to these applications and to the Question of my hon. Friend is, that as the Act has come into operation so lately, the most expedient course will be to wait until the Government has had longer experience of the working of the Act before they determine to introduce a Bill for the purpose of amending its clauses. It is matter of regret that the litigation referred to by my hon. Friend should exist between the school boards and the schoolmasters, but the decisions of the Courts in these cases may render it unnecessary to proceed with certain of the proposed Amendments; and it is to be hoped that, in the meantime, a spirit of conciliation may prevent further litigation between those upon whose harmonious acting so much of the success of the schools depends.