HC Deb 05 April 1875 vol 223 c298

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether Mr. Thomas Hansard receives any annual subvention out of any of the Votes for the publication of the Debates, or whether a number of copies are paid for out of public money; and, if so, how many copies are paid for, what sum is paid for them, and out of what Vote is the payment made; also what is done with the copies so paid for?


No annual subvention is paid to Mr. Thomas Hansard out of the Votes for the purpose mentioned by the noble Lord; but the Stationery Office purchases 120 copies a-year, which are paid for out of the Vote for that Department, at the rate of £5 5s. a set. These copies are furnished to the various Public Offices and to the Colonies.

Afterwards the noble Lord placed the following Notice on the Notice Book:— On Civil Service Estimates, Vote 25, Stationery and Printing, to move to reduce the Vote by £630, the amount paid annually to Mr. T. Hansard for 120 copies of the Debates.