HC Deb 19 May 1874 vol 219 c482

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether his attention has been drawn to the following facts: viz. that it is now more than two years since an increase of salary for the Resident Magistrates was recommended by the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the matter; that last year, when the Chairman of Counties and Constabulary received an increase of salary they also received certain allowances of retrospective pay; and, whether a similar course will be adopted in the case of the Resident Magistrates?


in reply, said, it, was the fact that two years since an increase in the salaries of the Resident Magistrates of Ireland had been recommended by the Commissioners. That increase had only recently obtained the consent of the Treasury, and it would, as usual, date from the time when the consent of the Treasury had been obtained. He had not been able to ascertain all the facts connected with the second part of the Question; but he understood the sanction of the Treasury had been given to the increase in the salaries of the Constabulary some time before the Act of Parliament had been obtained, and, therefore, in their case, the arrangement was, necessarily, retrospective.