HC Deb 25 June 1874 vol 220 c418

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether the Government intend to act on the Report of the Engineer of the Trinity House as to competition by trial of the Electric and Gas Lights on the Clock Tower, in which Report the superior advantages of the former as regards intensity and cost of illuminating power are fully stated?


, in reply, said, that some months since the question as to the permanence of the light referred to was discussed in that House, and he then stated that it was eminently a question for hon. Members to decide for themselves. Since that time, many hon. Members had spoken to him on the subject, and they had all requested that the light should be made permanent, while he had heard no opinion expressed on the other side. He took it for granted, therefore, that such was the wish of the House. It was too late in the Session now to make the necessary alteration. During the Recess, however, he should devote his attention to the subject, and see the best means of accomplishing the object they had all in view. He could not, however, bind himself to adopt the Report alluded to by the hon. Gentleman, nor, indeed, the opinions expressed in any other.

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