HC Deb 15 June 1874 vol 219 c1583

MR. Speaker informed the House, that he had received from Mr. Justice Barry, one of the Judges on the Rota for the Trial of Election Petitions in Ireland, a Certificate and Report relating to the Election for the Borough of Drogheda, to the effect that having transmitted to the Court, in the usual manner, a special case setting forth the material facts and submitting for the opinion of the Court the question, whether, under the circumstances, the Election should be declared void; and the case having been argued before the full Court of Common Pleas, the learned Judge received from the Master of the Court a Curial or Official Minute stating "that the Court being equally divided in opinion pronounce no decision;" and that he having thus failed to obtain the determination of the Court, he decided the matter himself and determined that the Election was not void, and that William Hagerty O'Leary was duly elected and returned as Member to serve in Parliament for the Borough of Drogheda.

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