HC Deb 05 June 1874 vol 219 c1118

Postponed Resolutions 1 and 9 (Criminal Prosecutions, Ireland, and Office of the Commissioners of National Education, Ireland) [reported 1st June], further considered.


asked the Government to particularize how much of the amount (£49,000) had reference to the defence of the actions taken against the Marquess of Hartington, Colonel Lake, and the Dublin Police in the actions arising out of the Phoenix Park riots?


said, the actions were 13 in number, and it was impossible to ascertain from the Appropriation Accounts what particular sums had been applied to each. In the accounts for 1871–72, the sum of £89 3s. 8d. in those for 1872–3, the sum of £5,415 14s. 8d. appeared under this head, and in the accounts for 1873–4, there would appear a further sum of £3,671. As to the future sums to be paid he could not say.


said, he was not satisfied with the answer given by the right hon. Baronet. He could not see why the expense which these unfortunate transactions had cost the country should not be known as in the Tichborne case.


said, that an investigation, which was greatly desired by the police, had been promised by the late Government. It could not, however, be instituted because these actions were kept hanging over their heads.

Resolutions agreed to.