HC Deb 05 June 1874 vol 219 c1055

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, If authority has been granted by Her Majesty (by Order in Council or otherwise) to the Government of the Dominion of Canada to use in the Mercantile Marine "Ensigns" other than those now used by vessels of the United Kingdom; if not, if he is aware that a vessel recently arrived in Havre belonging to the Dominion of Canada flying an "unknown ensign," said by the Commander to be that authorized by the Dominion Government?


Sir, it is quite true that a vessel—and, as a matter of fact, I believe, several British vessels registered in the North American Provinces—recently arrived at Havre flying the Red Ensign with the badge of the Dominion of Canada emblazoned in the fly. This course, however, is not irregular, as the use of flags of that description by vessels registered in the Colonies has been duly authorized by Her Majesty's Government.