HC Deb 27 July 1874 vol 221 cc761-2

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether, considering that the Papers relating to the proposed changes in the constitution of the University of Dublin have only just been placed in the hands of Members, the absence of many Irish Representatives, and the state of Public Business, he will be able to afford an opportunity for full discussion which, at an earlier period of the Session, the Government undertook to provide?


, in reply, said, he thought the hon. Member was labouring under two misconceptions—first, that there was an undue absence of Irish Members from the House; and, second, that the Home Secretary had promised that the Government would afford any particular opportunity for the discussion of the question. What the Homo Secretary had stated was, that the question would be fully discussed either by the Senate of the University, or the House; and anyone who had watched the proceedings of the former body, would be aware that there had been a full discussion on the subject. He would remind the House that the proposed action consisted merely in the carrying out of the provisions of the University of Dublin Tests Act of 1873, and in the formation of a new Governing Body for the University. With regard to this latter change, the proposals made had met with the approval of all the parties prominently concerned, and he did not think it necessary to give a day for a discussion of the subject at that late period of the Session. It would be open to the hon. Member to raise the question on the Appropriation Bill.