HC Deb 27 July 1874 vol 221 cc835-6

Bill, as amended, considered.


remarked that he did not wish to offer any factious opposition to it but he could not help feeling that the measure would leave the House in a very imperfect condition. There had been too little time devoted to its consideration, if regard were had to its great importance. For instance, he had to complain that three months might pass away before the registration of a birth was absolutely necessary; and that no provision was made for the registration of still-born children, which he thought would tend to encourage infanticide. A great number of children died in the first three months, and the births of many of those would escape registration, although their deaths would be registered. He did not, however, wish to move any Amendment on the subject; all he hoped for was that the Bill might work smoothly, but he was very much afraid it would not.


moved the insertion of the following new clause, after Clause 18:— (Notice where coffin contains more than one body.) Where there is in the coffin in which any deceased person is brought for burial the body of any other deceased person, or the body of any still-born child, the undertaker or other person who has charge of the funeral shall deliver to the person who buries or performs any funeral or religious service for the burial of such body or bodies notice in writing signed by such undertaker or other person, and stating to the best of his knowledge and belief with respect to each such body the following particulars:—(a) If the body is the body of a deceased person, the name, sex, and place of abode of the said deceased person; (b) If the body has been found exposed and the name and place of abode are unknown, the fact of the body having been so found and of the said particulars being unknown; and (c) If the body is that of a deceased child without a name, or a still-born child, the name and place of abode of the father, or, if it is illegitimate, of the mother of such child. Every person who fails to comply with this section shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding ton pounds.


thought that such a proposal as that involved in the Amendment had better be given effect to in a Burials Bill; but he would not offer any objection if it was thought de- sirable to have such a provision inserted in this measure.

Clause agreed to, and added to the Bill.

Bill to be read the third time Tomorrow.