HC Deb 20 July 1874 vol 221 c293

informed the House, that he had received from Mr. Justice Mellor, one of the Judges selected for the Trial of Election Petitions, pursuant to the Parliamentary Elections Act, 1868, a Certificate and Report relating to the Election for the Borough of Kidderminster. And the same were read, to the effect that Albert Grant was not duly elected and returned at the said Election, and that his Election and Return were and are wholly null and void; and that it was proved before the learned Judge that the said Albert Grant was guilty of a corrupt practice at the said Election within the true intent and meaning of the Corrupt Practices Prevention Act, 1854, in promising before and at the time of the said Election to certain voters for the said borough of Kidderminster, and other inhabitants thereof, that he the said Albert Grant would in the event of his being returned at the said Election, and after such return, give to such voters and other voters and inhabitants of Kidderminster, an entertainment consisting amongst other things of meat and drink, with the view and intent to induce such voters to vote for him the said Albert Grant; and that a number of voters had been induced to vote for the said Albert Grant by virtue of a promise made to them by persons canvassing them for their votes that their names should be put down upon a committee, and that it would be worth to them 10. each when all was over, and in other cases that they would be paid for their services when it could be done with safety. The learned Judge further reported that there was no reason to believe that "corrupt practices extensively prevailed at the said Election; "that there was evidence of a good deal of illegal treating during the Election, but it was not proved to his satisfaction to have been corrupt; and that it also appeared that several accounts relating to expenditure at the Election had not been returned by Mr. Grant's expense agent to the Returning Officer. And the said Certificate and Report were ordered to be entered in the Journals of this House.

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