HC Deb 10 July 1874 vol 220 c1476

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, with reference to the policy adopted with a view to the suppression of the Slave Trade on the East Coast of Africa, Whether he is aware that the transportation of slaves is openly carried on, under the Egyptian flag, from the Egyptian port of Massowah, and from Zeybu and Tajoura, of which Turkey has lately assumed the Protectorate, apparently for facilitating such traffic?


, in reply, said, the slave trade on the East Coast of Africa had been very much suppressed. No doubt, however, it was partially revived in other quarters, particularly with regard to the importation of Galla slaves. It having been stated that there was reason to believe that the trade was being carried on at certain places within the Egyptian territory, representations had been made to the Khedive on the subject, and also with respect to the Abyssinian slave trade, and the Khedive had taken very energetic measures on the subject. The Khedive had deposed the pasha who was formerly in command of the whole district, and had put it under another pasha, to whom he had given peremptory orders to take all possible steps to suppress the slave trade. He had no information to give the hon. Gentleman respecting the Turkish slave traffic.