HC Deb 28 April 1874 vol 218 cc1336-7

Order for Second Heading read.

MR. W. M. TORRENS moved that the Bill be now read a second time, with the view of obtaining the sanction of the House to its principle, and referring it to a Select Committee for the consideration of its details.


said, the Government had no objection that the Bill should be read a second time, on the understanding that it be referred to a Select Committee, in order that its clauses should be carefully considered. The Bill, as he understood it, was drawn on the lines of the Building Societies being kept as Friendly Societies, and not turned into Joint Stock Companies. That was the principle of the Bill to which, on the part of the Government, he was willing to assent; but he thought many of the clauses required very careful consideration by a Select Committee, and it might be necessary to empower the Committee to examine witnesses.

Motion agreed to.

And, on April 30, Committee nominated as follows:—Mr. SPENCER WALPOLE, Mr. Torrens, Mr. GOLDNEY, Mr. GOURLEY, Sir CHARLES RUSSELL, Mr. DODDS, Mr. WHEELHOUSE, Mr. WHITWELL, Mr. CALLENDER, Mr. LEEMAN, Mr. SOLICITOR GENERAL, Mr. ALEXANDER M'ARTHUR, Mr. SALT, Mr. PALMER, Mr. WILLIAM DENISON. Mr. ANDERSON, and Mr. TORR:—Power to send for persons, papers, and records: Fives to be the quorum.