HC Deb 28 April 1874 vol 218 c1336

I ventured yesterday in deference to what I believed to be the general wish of the House, to state that we would arrange that the debate on the Ashantee War and the Cape Coast Settlements should be resumed on Monday next; but from the forms of the House, and the manner in which it was arranged at the moment, nay hon. Friend who brought forward that Motion (Mr. Hanbury) would find himself in an embarrassing position, as it would interfere with the progress of Business in Committee of Supply tomorrow, being an Amendment to Supply. If my hon. Friend would agree to bring it forward as a substantive Motion on Monday, the debate could then take place, as I have promised, and the general Business of the House would not be interfered with. I would therefore suggest that he should bring forward his Motion in a substantive form and withdraw it as an Amendment to Supply. I understand my hon. Friend the Member for Tamworth is not in the House now; but he has signified his willingness that that arrangement should be made, and we therefore agree to that course being pursued.