HC Deb 23 April 1874 vol 218 c990

asked the Secretary of State for the Homo Department, If he has considered the amended Rules and Regulations for the government of County Constables issued from the Home Office by the late Secretary of State for that Department; and if he is now prepared to cancel the same, so as to enable the police to aid the authorities and officers in counties acting in the execution of the Public Health (Scotland) Act.


, in reply, said, he stated the other day that, with regard to the burghs in Scotland, he was prepared to alter the order issued by the Home Office respecting the appointment of the police as Inspectors of Nuisances in boroughs. With regard to counties that would be a somewhat different thing, because there the police boundaries and the sanitary boundaries were not identical. He thought, however, he could meet the case by altering the order issued in December last on the application of both the police and the sanitary authority to the Secretary of State.