HC Deb 20 April 1874 vol 218 c814

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whethere is included in the Estimates any sum for the purpose of levelling or placing in a less unsightly condition the plot of land in Abingdon-street, abutting on the south side of the Victoria Tower, which has so long been loft in a neglected state; or if any plan has been determined upon for utilising the same?


My hon. and gallant Friend is probably aware that the houses were bought and the plot of ground in Abingdon Street was cleared about eight years ago. The purchase was made chiefly to protect the Victoria Tower from the danger of fire. Before deciding upon any plan for levelling or laying out the; ground, it was necessary that the Embankment should be proceeded with, and a sum of £10,000 for that purpose appears in the Estimates. Tenders have been invited and sent in, and one has been recommended by me for the acceptance of the Treasury. The work will take about 14 months, and until it is nearer completion it appears unadvisable to give an opinion as to what should be done with the site.