HC Deb 26 May 1873 vol 216 c435

moved, "That, whenever the House shall meet at Two o'clock, the sitting of the House shall be held subject to the Resolutions of the House of the 30th day of April, 1869."


said, he would take advantage of the occasion to complain of the inconvenience which sometimes resulted from the House meeting at an unwonted hour without due Notice. He thought that Notice of any change of the kind ought to be given on the previous Friday.


said, that when morning sittings came to be held regularly, he did not think a separate Notice was necessary for each occasion. The practice of the House heretofore had not, he believed, been found to work inconveniently.


pointed out that, under the existing system, a Minister might at a late hour of the night fix a Bill which happened to be low down in the Orders for Two o'clock on the following day, and that much inconvenience might in that way be caused to hon. Members who took an interest in the measure. He should suggest that Notice should be given on the previous day at Five o'clock of the Business with which it was proposed to proceed at Two o'clock on the next.


concurred with his right hon. Friend the Member for Kilmarnock (Mr. Bouverie), in thinking it would be convenient that should be done when possible, but it could not be done uniformly.


said, he had also to complain of the inconvenience which resulted from having Bills fixed late at night for Two o'clock the following day.

Motion agreed to.