HC Deb 16 May 1873 vol 216 c15

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether it is the intention of the Government to introduce any measure to amend the Licensing Act, so as to enable borough magistrates to adjudicate in cases of drunkenness, and apply the fines inflicted for these offences to local purposes, as hitherto they were empowered under the Towns Improvement Act of 1854?


in reply, said, that some inconvenience had arisen in connection with the Licensing Act, so far as Ireland was concerned, and a Bill had been prepared for the purpose of remedying an apparent defect in the Act, so as to enable borough magistrates to adjudicate in the manner proposed by the Question of the right hon. Gentleman. It also proposed to amend some other slight defects which had been found to exist in the working of the Act. He proposed to introduce the measure soon; but he had no hope of carrying it that Session, unless the House would consent to limit the discussion upon it to the practical inconvenience which had been felt, and to resist the introduction of any Amendment which might have for its object the reopening of the principle of the Act of last year. If any such course were taken, he feared he should have no alternative but to withdraw the Bill.