HC Deb 02 May 1873 vol 215 c1406

said, that the Board of Education for Scotland having prepared and submitted for the consideration of the Scotch Education Department of the Privy Council the conditions according to which in the opinion of the Board of Education Parliamentary Grants may be most advantageously distributed in Scotland, asked, Whether the Vice President of the Privy Council will lay upon the Table of this House these conditions, in order that the School Boards and others interested in education in Scotland may have opportunities of making representations to the Scotch Education Department in reference to the conditions?


Sir, the section of the Act to which the right hon. and learned Gentleman refers says that it shall be the duty of the Scotch Board of Education to submit to the Education Department the conditions of the Education Code for Scotland; but it also imposes on the Education Department the duty and responsibility of the final settlement of those conditions. We are, therefore of opinion that, while on the one hand we should invite Parliamentary discussion on the Code when we have finally settled it, yet it was not contemplated by the Act that we should call in the aid of Parliament by raising a preliminary discussion by putting on the Table the Minutes which have been received and. the Correspondence with the Scotch Board.


said, he did not ask the Question with the view of raising a Parliamentary discussion; but merely for the information of the public, so that they might have an opportunity of correcting any erroneous views.

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