HC Deb 02 May 1873 vol 215 c1404

asked the Under Secretary of State for India, If he would explain to the House why the Majors of Artillery actually in command of batteries in India draw only the same amount of pay as was accorded to them as Captains prior to the Royal Warrant of 5th July 1872, while those holding the same rank and position in England draw, under that Warrant, the same pay as Majors of Infantry of the Line; and, whether, under existing arrangements, many Majors of Artillery are not in a very inferior position as regards pay to that occupied by Majors of Infantry, the former drawing 433 rupees 10 annas per mensem, while the latter draw 789 rupees 9 annas per mensem; and when it is proposed to place Majors of Artillery in India in the position as regards pay, apparently contemplated in the Royal Warrant above referred to?


In reply, Sir, to my hon. Friend's first Question, I have to say that the regimental pay drawn by majors of Artillery in England is not the same as that drawn by majors of the Line, and further, that majors of Artillery in India receive more in pay and allowances than they do in any part of the Empire, and as much as it is considered that their services entitle them to receive. In reply to his second Question, I have to say that some majors of Artillery serving in India are and some are not in an inferior position to majors of Infantry also serving in that Country. Those commanding field batteries, who form the snore numerous class, receive more in some cases, and, at least, as much in all as Line majors. Those commanding garrison batteries, who have much smaller responsibilities, receive less. In reply to his third Question, I have to say that it is not intended to alter the position as regards pay of majors of Artillery in India.