HC Deb 02 May 1873 vol 215 cc1458-9

(Mr. Clare Read, Mr. Pell, Mr. Akroyd, Mr. Kay-Shuttleworth. Mr. Kennaway.)

Bill considered in Committee.

(In the Committee.)

Clauses 1 to 3 inclusive, agreed to.

Clause 4 (Interpretation.)


moved an Amendment, to the effect that the age under which children could not be employed should be 10 instead of 12 years.

Amendment proposed, in page 1, line 16, to leave out the word "twelve," in order to insert the word "ten."—(Colonel Barttelot.)


in opposing the Amendment, said, he gave it his most unqualified dissent. Indeed, he should rather have increased than decreased the age, for he should move an Amendment that 14 was the proper time to fix. He also wished to increase the age for carter's boys from eight to ten years of age.


believed the provision in the Bill hit the happy medium, and therefore supported the clause as it stood.


said, he approved of the proposed Amendment of the hon. Member for Herts (Mr. Brand), on the ground that if education was to take any hold of the children, it was desirable that the age should be increased instead of being diminished, as it would be by the proposition of the hon. and gallant Member for West Sussex (Colonel Barttelot).

Question put, "That the word 'twelve' stand part of the Clause."

The Committee divided:—Ayes 38; Noes 48: Majority 10.

On the Motion of Mr. ASSHETON CROSS, Amendment made, by inserting the word "thirteen," in place of the word "twelve," just struck out.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clauses 5 to 10, inclusive, agreed to.

Clause 11 (Penalty on offences against Act.)

On the Motion of Colonel BARTTELOT, Amendments made in page 3, line 39, by striking out five pounds and inserting "two pounds;" and in line 41 by striking out one pound, and inserting "five shillings."

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Remaining clauses and Schedule agreed to.

Bill reported; as amended, to be considered upon Monday next.