HC Deb 31 March 1873 vol 215 c343

SELECT COMMITTEE—Juries (Ireland), appointed.

SUPPLY—Resolution [March 28] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—Land Rights and Conveyancing (Scotland)*.

Ordered—First Reading—Building Societies* [109]; Gretton Chapel Marriages Legalization* [110].

Second Reading—Matrimonial Causes Acts Amendment* [101]; East India Stock Dividend Redemption* [102]; East India Loan* [103]; Metropolitan Commons Supplemental* [107].

Committee—Railway and Canal Traffic [121]— R.P.

Committee—Report—Marine Mutiny*; Sites for Places of Religious Worship* [25].

Third Reading—Mutiny; Income Tax Assessment* [98]; Turks and Caicos Islands* [87]; Public Worship Facilities* [100], and passed.