HC Deb 28 March 1873 vol 215 c330

Returns ordered, "for each county, county of a city, and county of a town in Ireland, of all applications which have been made at the late Spring Assizes by any County Officers or Poor Rate Collectors, for repayment of expenses incurred by them, and for remuneration, under the Act 34 and 35 Vic. c. 65."

"Of all Presentments made for such expenses and remuneration."

"Of all Resolutions passed by Grand Juries relative thereto."

"And, for each Poor Law Union in Ireland, of all allowances made out of the rates by the Guardians, and approved of by the Local Government Board, to Clerks of Unions for expenses and remuneration under the above named Act."—(Mr. Bruen.)

House adjourned at a quarter after Eight o'clock.