HC Deb 10 March 1873 vol 214 cc1614-5

asked the Secretary of State for War, If it is the settled intention of the Government to continue to deprive Officers who were, by no fault or wish of their own, on half-pay on the 1st of November 1871, of any over regulation price of their commissions, which they would have been able to obtain, on selling out now or at any future time, if the Army Regulation Bill had not passed, such Officers having been placed on half-pay by the reduction of their corps prior to the passing of the Act, and having been kept on half-pay compulsorily until after the date named, and having in addition suffered loss by such reduction and by being so compulsorily placed and kept on half-pay?


Sir, my engagement was that every officer should be fully indemnified in respect of the commission he then held. The Act gives compensation only for the commissions which the officers held on the day on which purchase was abolished. Under the purchase system the officers in question would, as a general rule, have paid money on being brought back to full pay, and few facilities occurred for bringing them back otherwise; while, since the Act, increased facilities have been af- forded for their return, and that without payment.