HC Deb 20 June 1873 vol 216 cc1230-2

in rising to move that the House do adjourn this day at the close of the Morning Sitting, said, it might be convenient, as some portion of the House might desire to attend on Monday and Tuesday next, that he should state what was the Business which it was proposed to take on those days. It was proposed to proceed with Committee of Supply, taking the Army Estimates first on Monday, and secondly, the Education Vote; after that, if there was time, with the Lords' Amendments to the Railway and Canal Traffic Bill, and the Valuation (Ireland) Bill. On Tuesday morning it was proposed that they should proceed with the Intestacy Bill of his hon. Friend the Member for East Surrey (Mr. Locke King), the principle of which had been already sanctioned by the House, and which now stood for Second Reading; then with the Canada Loan Bill the Valuation (Ireland) Bill, if not disposed of on Monday night, and the Juries Bill.

Moved, "That this House do adjourn this day at the close of the Morning Sitting.—(Mr. Gladstone.)


said, that the right hon. Gentleman the Prime Minister had shown every desire to suit the convenience of the House; but he thought it would be well not to take the Army Estimates on Monday, as many hon. Members who would wish to discuss them would not be able conveniently to attend on that day. He would also put it to the right hon. Gentleman, whether he would not reconsider his proposal to take a Bill of such importance as the Intestacy Bill on Tuesday morning?


asked when the Judicature Bill would be again submitted to the House?


said, he could assure the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Droitwich (Sir John Pakington) that it was a choice of evils on the part of the Government, who would be very sorry to inflict inconvenience on any hon. Gentleman in the discussion on the Army Estimates. But as the greatest happiness of the greatest number was the rule of action generally, so the smallest unhappiness of the smallest number was the rule which the Government endeavoured to adopt on this occasion. It was on that ground that they had come to the conclusion that the Army Estimates would be best discussed on Monday. With regard to Tuesday, there was the Judicature Bill, which might go into Committee, and the Juries Bill, the Committee on which might be continued, but with respect to which he was confident that the difficulty raised the other night with respect to local taxation had boon removed out of the way. The observation of the Government had been, that both these Bills were measures in which a large number of the House took an interest, and the discussion of which they would desire to attend; and the Government had endeavoured to arrive at the best judgment they could.


again expressed a hope that the right hon. Gentleman would not proceed with the Army Estimates on Monday.


said, he trusted that the Railway and Canal Traffic Bill would not be brought on after 12 o'clock, or at an hour when it could not be discussed.


said, it was the intention of the Government to bring on the Bill at such a time as would enable the House to discuss it.


said, he did not object to the Order of Business on Monday, but he objected to the arrangement which had been made for Tuesday.


said, he strongly objected to proceeding with so important a Bill as the Intestacy Bill on Tuesday morning.


said, he should be glad to receive any suggestions from hon. Members. Perhaps it would be more agreeable to the House if he were to propose to take the Canada Loan Bill first on Tuesday and the Valuation (Ireland) Bill second, and if the two measures did not consume the whole day they might then perhaps proceed with the Juries Bill.

Motion agreed to.

Resolved, That this House do adjourn this day at the close of the Morning Sitting.