HC Deb 19 June 1873 vol 216 c1174

, in moving— That the Orders of the Day subsequent to the Rating (Liability and Value) Bill should be postponed until after the Notice of Motion relative to the Cape of Good Hope and Zanzibar Mail Contract, said, he wished to take that opportunity of referring to the course of Business for to-morrow. At the morning sitting it was proposed by the Government to proceed with the Rating (Liability and Value) Bill; and with regard to the evening sitting, the Government would be very glad, if it were possible, to turn it to account by putting forward the Public Business. But the Government was given to understand that as there was an entertainment to be given by the Lord Mayor to-morrow evening in the City, it would be difficult to obtain the necessary attendance of Members. That being so, it would be desirable to settle the question beforehand rather than trust to the chapter of accidents, because great inconveniences arose from the lapsing of the Order of Supply, and the arrangements made for Monday were thereby deranged. Unless, therefore, he had reason for supposing that he was under-estimating the desire of Members to attend in this House tomorrow, he should propose that, at the end of the day Sitting, the House should adjourn till Monday.

Motion agreed to.