HC Deb 19 June 1873 vol 216 c1160

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Bath, v. Hon. George Henry Cadogan, now Earl Cadogan, called up to the House of Peers.

SELECT COMMITTEE—Mail Contracts (Cape of Good Hope and Zanzibar), appointed.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—First Reading—Court of Queen's Bench (Ireland) (Grand Juries)* [198].

First Reading—Turnpike Acts Continuance, &c.* [199].

Second Reading—Petitions of Right (Ireland)* [189].

Referred to Select Committee—Blackwater Bridge* [176], nominated.

Committee—Rating (Liability and Value) [146]—R.P.

Committee—Report—Drainage and Improvement of Lands (Ireland) Provisional Order (No. 3)* [183]; Tithe Commutation Acts Amendment (re-comm.)* [193].