HC Deb 19 June 1873 vol 216 c1168

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether there is any truth in the rumour that the pay of Colonels of Cavalry Regiments of the Line has been reduced to that of Colonels of Infantry Regiments; if so, by what authority such change has been effected; and, upon what terms the two last appointments to Colonelcies of Cavalry Regiments were made?


in reply, said, the price of cavalry commissions having been reduced to the infantry rate, there appears no longer any reason why the general officers of cavalry should receive, when appointed to regiments, a larger sum than officers of infantry; and, as it was in contemplation to submit to Her Majesty a Regulation on the subject, the officers who had lately been appointed to cavalry regiments had accepted the appointments subject to such a reduction, should it be approved by Her Majesty.


gave Notice that he would put a Question as to the legality of the step taken by the right hon. Gentleman.