HC Deb 12 June 1873 vol 216 cc836-7

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether, in view of M. Lesseps' proposed Railway to connect Russia with India by a Central Asian Railway, Her Majesty's Government are disposed to re-consider their policy as to co-operating with the Turkish Government for the purpose of obtaining a shorter and an alternative route between England and India by the construction of a Railway to connect the Mediterranean with the Persian Gulf; and whether, in furtherance of that object, they are disposed to re-consider the Report of the Select Committee of this House on that subject, so far as it related to the desirability of that object being attained?


in reply, said, he was prevented, by indisposition, from hearing the recent discussion on the Euphrates Valley route, and must be guided mainly by what appeared to be the decisive opinion of the House pronounced on division. Since that time the Government had kept their eyes open to intelligence coming from the East, and they would continue to do so; but they had not seen it to be their duty to take any step in consequence of that intelligence, which would be in contravention of the opinion expressed by the House.


gave Notice that in consequence of the answer he had received, and seeing the daily increasing gravity of the question, owing to the plans of M. Lesseps on the one hand and Baron Reuter on the other, he should call attention to the subject on as early a day as possible next Session, and move for a Select Committee.