HC Deb 09 June 1873 vol 216 c638

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, If he will communicate to the House any detailed programme of the proposed reception and entertainment of the Shah of Persia and his Ministers? His Question, he might add, had reference only to those greater occasions in which the general public might be supposed to be more especially interested, and not to any Royal hospitalities within the precincts of the Palace.


in reply, said, that taking the Question as it stood on the Paper, it had been replied to on more than one previous occasion. He could, therefore, only repeat what had been said before, and what probably the hon. Member expected—namely, that it was impossible to give any detailed programme of the proceedings during the Shah's visit. Some discretion must be left to those who were responsible for those proceedings, and it was not even desirable that the Foreign Sovereign, in whose honour there was to be a manifestation of any kind, should be made to view everything as if he were being put on drill.


referring to a recent statement of the hon. Gentleman the Under Secretary of State for India, to the effect that the hon. Member for Penryn (Mr. Eastwick) possessed great influence in the councils of Teheran, wished to know whether the hon. Gentleman would, by the desire of the Government, be one of the Gentlemen in attendance on the Shah?


said, as the hon. Gentleman had not given him Notice of the Question, he would, perhaps, be kind enough to repeat it to-morrow, when he should be happy to give him an answer.


said, a rumour had reached him that the House should adjourn over some day next week in honour of the festivities on the occasion of the Shah's visit; he wished to know whether the rumour was correct?


I have heard nothing of the rumour alluded to by the hon. Baronet.