HC Deb 28 July 1873 vol 217 cc1091-2

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether he can give the House any information as to the system of official Parliamentary Reporting which exists in some of our Colonies?


Sir, there is a system of official reporting in some, if not in all of our principal Colonies. I have seen specimens to-day, and the work appears to be excellently done. Considering, however, the bulky volume which is required for the speeches delivered in Houses containing 70 or 80 Members, I confess that I should view with some apprehension the extension of the system to a Legislature numbering more than 650. The temptation to lengthy speaking afforded by the certainty of full reports would, I fear, greatly protract our Sessions. If the hon. Gentleman wishes for specific information from the principal Colonies as to their precise systems, I have no doubt that I shall be able to obtain it for him before the re-assembling of Parliament next year.