HC Deb 24 July 1873 vol 217 cc955-6

Order for Second Reading read.


said, that, since his statement that he should proceed with this Bill, the Government had re-considered their position; and, though there would be great convenience in obtaining legislative sanction for the course of not filling up the second Judgeship, it was not absolutely incumbent upon the Government to fill up the appointment even without legislative sanction. The Government, therefore, did not propose to proceed with the Bill, upon the understanding that, unless unforeseen circumstances rendered it necessary to do so, they would not fill up the appointment. He regretted to learn that the learned Judge upon whose advice the Government had acted had been unjustly assailed, and his motives in giving that advice had been entirely misrepresented. That learned Judge did not originate the proposal not to fill up the appointment; but, upon being asked., he gave a straightforward answer, which was the only answer he could give, and he had refused to take the additional £500 a-year which was to have been granted to him during his life-time, unless that increased salary was attached to the office and continued to his successors. He would move that the Order be discharged.


said, the course taken by the Government would give general satisfaction; but he hoped the noble Lord would not meanwhile commit himself one way or the other as to the filling up of the vacancy. In his (Dr. Ball's) opinion the second Judge should be appointed, especially as there was a considerable amount of property which had belonged to the Irish Church which ought to be dealt with in this Court.

Motion agreed to.

Order discharged.

Bill withdrawn.