HC Deb 24 July 1873 vol 217 c963

Lords' Amendments considered.

On Amendment made by the Lords, that Writers to the Signet should hereafter be enrolled as law agents.


moved that the House disagree with the Amendment, as it was entirely at variance with the principle of the Bill.


on behalf of the Society of Advocates of Aberdeen, disapproved of the Amendment which the Lords had introduced.


said, the object was very fully discussed when before the House of Commons on a previous occasion, and he was entirely against the Amendment which had been introduced by the Lords.

Motion agreed to.

Lords' Amendment disagreed to.

Lords' Amendment, that members of the Society of Solicitors should be enrolled as law agents disagreed to.

On the Motion of the Lord ADVOCATE Lords' Amendment to insert "incorporated" in lieu of "unincorporated," in line 12, page 7, agreed to.

Committee appointed, "to draw up Reasons to be assigned to The Lords for disagreeing to certain of the Amendments made by The Lords to the Law Agents (Scotland) Bill:"—The Loan ADVOCATE, Mr. CRILDERS, Mr. ADAM, Mr. GRIEVE, Mr. LEITH, and Mr. CRAVECRD:—To withdraw immediately: Three to he the quorum.