HC Deb 24 July 1873 vol 217 cc899-900

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, If the attention of the Government has been drawn to the statements which have recently appeared in the public journals relative to the Report of the Committee which had been appointed at Constantinople to inquire into the subject of the Suez Canal Dues, and to the comments of the Council of Ministers there on that Report; and, if so, whether the Government are able to state to the House what is the conclusion arrived at by the Turkish authorities?


Sir, a telegraphic despatch has been received from Her Majesty's Ambassador at Constantinople reporting that the Porte has sent a Letter to the Khedive on the Suez Canal Dues, stating that, as of all the official systems in operation the Moorsom gives the utilizable capacity with the greatest accuracy, the Porte is of opinion that the net tonnage according to that system should be adhered to; if, however, the Powers or M. de Lesseps should wish not to continue to maintain this system, it will be necessary to call an International Commission to determine the utilizable capacity. The Letter concludes by saying that this being the result of the deliberation of the Council of Ministers, and the Sultan, to whom it has been submitted, having ordered effect to be given to it, the decision is communicated to the Khedive, in order that His Highness may decide upon the measures which it may render necessary.