HC Deb 17 July 1873 vol 217 c493

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in CommitteeOrderedFirst Reading—Licensing Law Amendment (Scotland)*[247].

Ordered—Representative Councils in Counties (Ireland)*.

OrderedFirst Reading—Rating Liability (Ireland)*[246].

First Reading—Colonial Church*[248]; Slave Trade (Consolidation)*[249]; Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 6)*[244].

Second ReadingExtradition Act (1870) Amendment*[220]; Penalties (Ireland)*[239]; Railway Regulation*[232].

Second Reading—Commitee—ReportElementary Education Act (1870) Amendment, &c. [188–245].

Committee—Juries [35]—R.P.

Committee—Report—Local Government Board (Ireland) Provisional Order Confirmation (No. 2)*[229].

Third Reading—Intestates Widows and Children* [214], and passed.

Withdrawn—Union Rating (Ireland)*[23].