HC Deb 07 July 1873 vol 216 cc1863-4

asked the Vice President of the Committee of Council on Education, When his Report for this year will be delivered; whether in future years it could be presented before the Education Estimates are discussed; and, whether the Evidence taken by the Endowed Schools Committee will be circulated before the Bill is brought on for a Second Reading.


in reply, said, that the Education Report for that year was now being printed, and he believed it would be delivered in a day or two. He was exceedingly anxious that the Report should be delivered at an earlier period of the Session, and before the Education Estimates came on for discussion. That course, however, had been found to be impossible that year; but he trusted to be able to make arrangements with Sir Francis Sandford by which he hoped the Report would be presented in future in May. He was told the evidence taken by the Endowed Schools Committee would be in circulation by Thursday. The second reading of the Bill dealing with the question was down for that night, and unless he was urged to the contrary he would ask for a second reading, on the understanding that nothing more would be conceded by it than that the Reform should be continued, and that ample opportunity should be afforded for the discussion of the measure on some future occasion. If such an arrangement as that were not acceptable to the House he was afraid the second reading must be postponed. In any case, however, the time at which the Elementary Education Act Amendment Bill would be brought in must depend upon the progress made with the Judicature Bill.