HC Deb 04 July 1873 vol 216 c1783

begged to call the attention of the House to a subject somewhat personal to himself, and in doing so regretted the absence of his hon. and learned Friend the Member for Cork (Mr. M'Carthy Downing), to whom it applied. That hon. and learned Gentleman on a recent occasion, in alluding to him, said that inasmuch as he had been brought before the Court of Queen's Bench for contempt of Court, and in a letter to one of the morning journals commented unfairly on the evidence, and imputed unworthy motives—


rose to Order. The hon. Gentleman introduced topics with which the House had nothing whatever to do.


ruled that the hon. Member was out of Order in referring to what had occurred in a debate during the present Session; but it was usual in cases like the present, where personal explanations became necessary, to grant considerable latitude. He must, however, remind the hon. Member that whatever might be the explanation required, the hon. and learned Gentleman to whom reference was made ought to be in his place.

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