HC Deb 04 August 1873 vol 217 c1526

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether he can arrange that 200 or 300 visitors from Lancashire may pass through both Houses of Parliament some clay in the week (other than a Saturday) towards the cud of the present month, the Lord Great Chamberlain having stated that they can only have that facility on a Saturday, a day on which it is impossible, in consequence of the Railway excursion arrangements, for the persons concerned to be in London?


in reply, said, that in consequence of the absence in Scotland of the Hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain, he had not had such communication with him as would enable him to give a precise answer to the Question. He had no doubt the Hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain would be ready to give the necessary facilities to the persons referred to who were desirous of visiting the Houses of Parliament; but as there were a great many applications of a similar sort, the arrangements should be so made as to enable the public at large to take advantage of it. To do that, however, would require more consideration than, from the circumstance to which he had alluded, the matter had yet received.