HC Deb 25 April 1873 vol 215 c976

asked the noble Lord the Member for Tyrone (Lord Claud Hamilton) a Question of which he had given him private Notice. Considering that the question of the purchase of the Irish Railways was involved in the question of the purchase of all the Railways by the State, a Notice relating to which subject had been given by the hon. Member for Kidderminster (Mr. Lea), would it not be desirable for the noble Lord to postpone the Motion which he had on the Paper for Tuesday next in reference to the purchase of the Irish Railways?


in reply, said, he thought not, for the reason that a different principle applied to Irish railways. He did not see that there was any close connection between them and the railways of England and Scotland. If the Irish railways had been in the same state of prosperity as those of England and Scotland, he should never have given Notice of his Motion.

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