HC Deb 03 April 1873 vol 215 c526

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether a Committee, composed of the Marquess of Lansdowne, Mr. Herbert Murray, and Captain Crossman, did not, early in the year 1871, inquire into the organisation and working of the Board of Works in Ireland, with a view to its improvement; whether the Committee did not report to the Treasury; whether that Report was not sent to the Board of Works for their observations and suggestions; whether that Board returned the said Report to the Treasury; and, if so, why has it not been laid upon the Table of the House; if not, why; and, under all the circumstances, is it the intention of the Treasury to present the Report; and, if so, when?


Sir, the Marquess of Lansdowne and the other two gentlemen named by the hon. Member inquired into the Board of Works in 1871, and reported to the Treasury in February, 1872. The Report covered a very wide field. It was referred to the Board of Works on its receipt for the observations of the Commissioners, and these were received in May last. There were differences of opinion between the Committee of Inquiry and the Chairman of the Board upon many points, which required subsequent conferences and communications to explain. The Treasury has now come to a decision upon the subject, which is on the eve of being communicated to the Board of Works; but there never was any intention, nor would it be usual to present to Parliament the Report of a Departmental Committee of Inquiry upon a matter strictly within the province of the Treasury's ordinary administration. There will, however, be no objection to present a Copy of their Minute before the Vote for this establishment is taken.