HC Deb 03 April 1873 vol 215 cc518-9

SELECT COMMITTEE—Kitchen and Refreshments Rooms (House of Commons,) Mr. Onslow discharged, Mr. Stacpoole added.

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—NAVY ESTIMATES—Committee—R.P.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in CommitteeOrdered—First Reading—University Tests (Dublin) (No. 3) [124].

OrderedFirst Reading—Gas and Water Provisional Orders* [126].

First Reading—Shop Hours Regulation* [123]; Fairs Act (1868) Amendment* [125].

Second Reading—Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation (No. 3)* [115]; Australasian Colonies (Customs Duties)* [106].

Committee—East India (Loan)* [103], debate adjourned; Matrimonial Causes Acts Amendment* [101], deferred; Portpatrick Harbour (re-comm.)* [61], deferred; Gretton Chapel Marriages Legalization* [111], deferred.

Committee—Report—Railway and Canal Traffic [34–121]; Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation (No. 1)* [95]; Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation (No. 2)* [96]; East India Stock Dividend Redemption* [102]; Local Taxation (Accounts)* [16–122].

Third Reading—Marine Mutiny*, and passed.